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  • Honduran muralist Javier Espinal, in a masthead image to accompany a blog post by DELC's Cornelia Grabner

    Resistances and Alternatives to Violence: The Muralism of Javier Espinal

    The little we hear about the Central American country of Honduras usually focuses on brutal, ubiquitous, vaguely inexplicable acts of violence, and about the impunity of the perpetrators. Rarely do we get to engage with those who resist and with those who build alternatives, or with their imaginaries and cosmovisions. Honduran painter and muralist Javier Espinal created possibilities for such an encounter during a visit to the U.K. in the first months of 2015. He gave talks at several universities and painted murals with communities in Toxteth, Liverpool, and lrlam, Salford.

  • Günter Grass will speak to us from beyond the grave

    Germany’s most consistently controversial writer, the Nobel-winning Günter Grass, has died at the age of 87.

  • Translation hero
  • Books © Adistock |

    The Nobel Prize in Literature – just another blast of our celebrity culture?

    Every mid-October some unsuspecting writer gets a phone call. It’s the secretary of the Nobel Prize committee! Overnight, an averagely respected author is turned into a global literary celebrity. What does this mean for the author, and is it different to other kinds of media fame?

  • Albinism

    Albinism in Africa

    September is Albinism Awareness month in Africa, an event that is increasing in profile thanks to the work of the associations and NGOs that advocate for people with albinism. It is just one of many recent initiatives that aim to raise awareness of a genetic condition that is now recognised as life-threatening in parts of Africa.

  • Houellebecq

    Houellebecq’s Soumission gives us a vision of Islam tailored for Western fantasies

    Houellebecq’s Soumission gives us a vision of Islam tailored for Western fantasies.

  • "Ciao!" from Elena Polisca, Senior Teaching Associate in Italian

    Hello everyone! My name is Elena Polisca and I am Senior Teaching Associate in Italian in DeLC. I am also the Department's Admissions Tutor.

  • Sound of music © 20TH CENTURY FOX

    More than Mozart and Mahler

    What image comes to mind when you think of Austria? I’m betting that for Brits and Americans at least, 'The Sound of Music' is still a major point of association, nay a source of myth-making around Austria – its Alpine landscapes, its history, its national character, even.

  • European Languages Masthead

    The Year Abroad – More than just a gap year

    Some of you may have read the ‘New study abroad programme makes languages an EU priority’ article in The Guardian last week. The Erasmus programme, which is the EU flagship for educational exchange in higher education, celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and currently 33 countries participate in the scheme.