'For Dom, Bruno and the Amazon': Exhibition at the Roundhouse

'For Dom, Bruno and the Amazon' Exhibition Poster - Title displayed in bold red letters against a black backdrop with images underneath showing experiences in the Amazon.
'For Dom, Bruno and the Amazon' Exhibition

The Department of Languages and Cultures is proud to host this exhibition in honour of journalist Dom Phillips, indigenous expert Bruno Pereira, and all environmental defenders who are putting their lives on the line to defend the Amazon rainforest. Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were assassinated in June 2022 while they were carrying out research in the Amazon. The exhibition exposes multiple threats to the green lungs of our planet, and showcases what Dom Phillips was researching when he was killed: the hopeful and perseverant work of indigenous environmental defenders.

Dom Phillips expertly brought Latin American issues to the attention of the English-speaking world through his journalism. He worked in tandem with people on the ground, respecting their approaches and their culture. DeLC strives to build and nurture respectful intercultural competence through research and teaching. Courageous and committed journalists like Dom Phillips and researchers-experts like Bruno Pereira set examples through their practices and their publications.

The exhibition is free to access for all members of the University and the public and will be on display at the Roundhouse from January 9th until January 25th.

The exhibition was curated at Halton Mill, Lancaster, in 2022. DeLC is grateful to Halton Mill for the opportunity to host the exhibition.

The department expresses heartfelt condolences to the communities and families of those killed while protecting the rainforest.

Alongside this exhibition, the Department is proud to host a special event on 22nd January from 4:00 - 5:30pm, which is funded by the Society of Latin American Studies. At this event Domonique Davies, the niece of Dom Phillips, and Mexico-based journalist John Gibler will speak to the work of investigative journalists who become targets of violence because of their work. The event is open to the public and can be attended in person at The Roundhouse B07 or online via registration. Please visit the following link for further information: Investigative Journalists as Cultural Mediators in an Age of Threat: Examples from Mexico and the Amazon, Monday 22 January, 4:00pm - Lancaster University.

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