Professor Charlotte Baker invited to join National Working Group

The image depicts the headquarters of the Salvation Army in London with people walking in the foreground and St Paul's Cathedral in the background. © By Salvation Army International Headquarters, London by Oxfordian Kissuth, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Salvation Army International Headquarters, London

Professor Charlotte Baker has been invited to join the National Working Group on Child Abuse linked to Faith or Belief.

The National Working Group is a multi-agency response to child abuse linked to faith or belief in the UK. It comprises representatives from statutory, voluntary, community and faith organisations, as well as individuals with specialist knowledge or expertise, who are committed to the implementation of a national action plan to ensure that this type of abuse is not overlooked within child protection.

Charlotte Baker was instrumental in the tabling of a United Nations Resolution on the elimination of harmful practices related to accusations of witchcraft and ritual attacks, which was passed by the Human Rights Council in July 2021. She brings her expertise on disability and harmful practices in sub-Saharan African contexts to the National Working Group and she will participate in the next National Working Group Forum Meeting in London in November 2023.

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