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Undergraduate Study

Lancaster's distinctive approach to undergraduate language degrees gives you the opportunity to acquire both high-level language skills and a thorough understanding of languages, cultures and societies within a global context.

Degree Schemes

Single Major Language Degrees

  • French Studies BA
  • German Studies BA
  • Spanish Studies BA
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Joint Majors in Two Languages

  • Chinese Studies & French Studies BA
  • Chinese Studies & German Studies BA
  • Chinese Studies & Spanish Studies BA
  • French Studies & German Studies BA
  • French Studies & Spanish Studies BA
  • German Studies & Spanish Studies BA
Joint majors in two languages

Joint Majors in Three Languages

  • Modern Languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese) BA
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Joint Majors with a Non-Language

  • Study other subjects with a language
  • Management and French Studies
  • Management and German Studies
  • Management and Spanish Studies

Language degrees with Italian

  • French Studies with Italian
  • German Studies with Italian
  • Spanish Studies with Italian

MLang Languages and Cultures

Masters in Languages in 4 Years

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