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Our lecturers conduct fascinating research into the languages and cultures of China, Germany, Italy, France and the French-speaking world and Spain including Catalonia, and South America. We also carry out research into transnational and comparative aspects of Europe since the Early Modern Period.

Here are some examples of modules our lecturers have taught:

First Year language courses


CHIN101: Part I Chinese Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)

FREN101: Part I French Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)

GERM101: Part I German Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)

SPAN101: Part I Spanish Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)


CHIN100: Part I Chinese Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)

FREN100: Part I French Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)

GERM100: Part I German Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)

SPAN100: Part I Spanish Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)

ITAL100: Part I Italian Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)

General course (non credit-bearing)

DELC100: Part I Language Studies

Second year language courses

You must have successfully completed a first year language course, or attained the relevant CEFR level, as a pre-requisite to second year language study. All language courses are half units


FREN200 / FREN201: French Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: B2)

GERM200 / GERM201: German Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: B2)

SPAN 200 / SPAN201: Spanish Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: B2)


CHIN200 / CHIN200i: Chinese Language 2 / Chinese Language 3

FREN200i / FREN201i: French Language: oral/written skills (post-beginners/CEFR: B1)

GERM200i / GERM201i: German Language: oral/written skills (post-beginners/CEFR: B1)

ITAL200i / ITAL201i: Italian Language: oral/written skills (post-beginners/CEFR: B1)

SPAN200i / SPAN201i : Spanish Language: oral/written skills (post-beginners/CEFR: B1)

Second year cultural courses

FREN233: Shaping Contemporary France: Culture, Politics and the Legacy of History

GERM233: Becoming German: Post-War German-language Culture and Identities

SPAN233: Power and Resistance in Spain and Spanish America: From the Spanish Empire to the 21st Century

DELC211: Understanding Culture

DELC212: Society on Screen: The Language of Film

DELC214: Economic and Social Change in France, Germany and Spain since 1945

DELC215: Language and Identity in France, Germany and Spain

DELC216: Professional Contexts for Modern Languages

International Placement Year courses

DELC200: Preparation (2nd year)

DELC210: MLang Year Abroad (2nd year)

DELC210a: Year Abroad Project for MLang students (2nd year)

DELC310: Residence Abroad: Intercultural and Academic Reflection (final year)

Final year language courses

CHIN299: Chinese Language 4 (for students who took CHIN200i/CHIN201i in the second year)

FREN300 / FREN301: French Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: C1/C2)

GERM300 / GERM301: German Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: C1/C2)

ITAL300i / ITAL301i: Italian Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: B2)

SPAN300 / SPAN301: Spanish Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: C1/C2)

Final year cultural courses

DELC330: Chinese Culture and Society

DELC339: Translation as a Cultural Practice

DELC344: Contemporary Cities in Literature and Film

DELC345: Francophone Voices: Literature and Film from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Carribean and Canada

DELC363: Memories of War and Dictatorship in Contemporary Spain

DELC364: Latin America and Spain on Film: Violence and Masculinities

DELC320: Dissertation

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