Taught modules

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First Year language courses


CHIN101: Part I Chinese Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)
FREN101: Part I French Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)
GERM101: Part I German Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)
SPAN101: Part I Spanish Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)


CHIN100: Part I Chinese Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)
FREN100: Part I French Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2) 
GERM100: Part I German Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2) 
SPAN100: Part I Spanish Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2) 
ITAL100: Part I Italian Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2) 

General course (non credit-bearing)

DELC100: Part I Language Studies

Second year language courses

You must have successfully completed a first year language course, or attained the relevant CEFR level, as a pre-requisite to second year language study. All language courses are half units


CHIN300: Chinese Language 4 
FREN200 / FREN201: French Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: B2)
GERM200 / GERM201: German Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: B2)
SPAN 200 / SPAN201: Spanish Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: B2)


CHIN200 / CHIN201: Chinese Language 2 / Chinese Language 3 
FREN200iFREN201i: French Language: oral/written skills (post-beginners/CEFR: B1)
GERM200i / GERM201i: German Language: oral/written skills (post-beginners/CEFR: B1)
ITAL200iITAL201i: Italian Language: oral/written skills (post-beginners/CEFR: B1)

SPAN200i / SPAN201i : Spanish Language: oral/written skills (post-beginners/CEFR: B1)

Second year cultural courses

FREN233: Shaping Contemporary France: Culture, Politics and the Legacy of History
GERM233: Becoming German: Post-War German-language Culture and Identities
SPAN233: Power and Resistance in Spain and Spanish America: From the Spanish Empire to the 21st Century
DELC211: Understanding Culture
DELC212: Society on Screen: The Language of Film
DELC213: Cross-cultural Encounters in World Literatures
DELC214: Economic and Social Change in France, Germany and Spain since 1945
DELC215: Language and Identity in France, Germany and Spain
DELC216: Professional Contexts for Modern Languages

Year abroad courses

DELC200: Preparation (2nd year)
DELC210: MLang Year Abroad (2nd year)
DELC210a: Year Abroad Project for MLang students (2nd year)
DELC310: Residence Abroad: Intercultural and Academic Reflection  (3rd year)            

Final year language courses

CHIN300: Chinese Language 4 (for students who took CHIN200/CHIN201 in the second year)
FREN300 / FREN301: French Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: C1/C2)
GERM300 / GERM301: German Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: C1/C2)
ITAL300i / ITAL301i: Italian Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: B2)
SPAN300 / SPAN301: Spanish Language: oral/written skills (CEFR: C1/C2)

Final year cultural courses

DELC330: Chinese Culture and Society
DELC332: Comparative Arts of Memory and Conflict
DELC333: Intercultural Communication and Linguistic Relativity
DELC334: Academic Writing as a Second Language
DELC336: Sex, Violence and Identity in International Crime Narratives
DELC337: Mirrors across Media: Reflexivity in Literature, Film, Comics and Video Games
DELC339: Translation as a Cultural Practice
DELC340: Autocrats, Caudillos and Big Men: Understanding Dictatorship in its Cultural Representation in the Twentieth Century
DELC342: Imagining Post-Modern Europe: Post-Revolutionary Utopias and Ideologies in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
DELC344: Contemporary Cities in Literature and Film
DELC345: Francophone Voices: Literature and Film from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Canada
DELC347: Modernity of Forms and Forms of Modernity in French Literature 1850-2000
DELC348: French Culture in the Digital Age
DELC351: Literature and Fame in Contemporary Germany
DELC352: Images of Austria: National Identity and Cultural Representation
DELC361: Social Movements and Committed Writing in Mexico since 1968
DELC364: Latin America and Spain on Film: Violence and Masculinities 
DELC320: Dissertation

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