Dr Sam Kirkham

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

My research aims to understand structure and variability in the sound systems of human language. I am particularly interested in laboratory phonology, sound change, and the mathematics of dynamical systems. The majority of my work investigates speech production using electromagnetic articulography, ultrasound tongue imaging, and computational modelling.

I have previously done research on the phonetics of bilingualism, language contact, sociophonetic variation, minority languages, and phonetic typology. For more information please see my personal website.

I am currently working on the following projects:

  • Modelling the dynamics of phonetic variation & phonological change (AHRC fellowship, 2024-25)
  • Targets and dynamics in speech (with Patrycja Strycharczuk, AHRC standard grant, 2019-23)

Our Phonetics Laboratory has a wide range of facilities, including 24-channel electromagnetic articulography, 4 ultrasound systems, electropalatography, aerodynamics, nasalance, 3D printers, soundproof booth, etc.