Morecambe Bay Curriculum

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A community-curated, place-based approach to learning about sustainability - encouraging and empowering children and young people to become the change-makers and innovators our planet needs.

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Energy Saving Engineering at Lancaster and Morecambe College

About Morecambe Bay Curriculum

Together, we are exploring how we can weave sustainability and place into everyday lives around Morecambe Bay so that every young person can feel empowered to be a change-maker.

The Morecambe Bay Curriculum aims to ensure that all stages of the education system, from early years to further education, provide the green skills, knowledge, and behaviours required by businesses, and our communities, to respond to climate change. The Morecambe Bay Curriculum is supported and delivered by teachers, early years practitioners, researchers, health professionals and community leaders who recognise that a collective approach is critical to tackling the climate emergency and creating opportunities for young people.

The heart of the Morecambe Bay Curriculum is the community of educators, who together curate content and bring the project to life at a grassroots level. Children and young people explore the themes of environment, sustainability and place using the ecosystems surrounding the Bay as a classroom. Collectively, teachers are driven by their hopes for the young people with whom they work, and seek to prioritise their wellbeing, support their future careers, and ensure the Bay is somewhere everyone feels proud to live.

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Educators across Morecambe Bay are all welcome to join the Morecambe Bay Curriculum community. You’ll receive newsletters, access to our MBC Moodle, resources, networking invitations, CPD opportunities and more!

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Map of all the resources you can explore on our resources page!

Resources for our Bay: Place, Sustainability, Environment and Hope

Head to our resources page to explore research-informed teaching materials! This work has been co-designed by local educators (from Early Years through to FE) and Lancaster University experts on Place, Environment and Sustainability. The resources encourage us to learn what makes Morecambe Bay special and how we can take care of it; from the tiniest beach worms, to the mighty curlew and everything in between. By weaving place, environment and sustainability into the curriculum, these resources were designed to help teachers feel more confident embedding climate-change, sustainability and nature into their day-to-day teaching.

Visit to our Resources Page to learn more!

We care about where we live, we care about the people who live here, and we care about the future of our planet.

Our community

Our working groups meet once a month to discuss project plans and share learning.

  • The Early Years, Primary and Special School Working Group (Lancashire)
  • Secondary Schools Working Group (Lancashire)
  • Further Education & Employers Working Group
  • Cumbria Schools Working Group
  • Higher Education Working Group

All of our working groups are guided by the Morecambe Bay Curriculum Steering Group, made up of leaders from across the education, environmental, health, business and charity sectors.

If you would like to join our community, please see our Get involved page.

Our Partnership Board

In recognition of this exciting work, Lancaster University, Lancaster and Morecambe College, University of Cumbria and Eden Project, in partnership, have committed to empowering educators and young people, and to supporting this work as it continues to grow. These organisations are responsible for the project's overall governance, ensuring it has the resources necessary to serve our community.

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What educators love about the Morecambe Bay Curriculum

Find out more about the Morecambe Bay Curriculum, and ways in which our community has come together to support young people across the Bay to love where they live and develop green skills.

Partner organisations

Our key partner organisations span the range from early years through to higher education, along with community and business partners.

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Eden Project Morecambe

The Morecambe Bay Curriculum is recognised and supported by the Eden Project Morecambe.

Eden Project Morecambe
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