STOR-i Student sucess at RSS Conference

Photo of Zak Varty
Zak Varty

During the rapid-fire talk session at the RSS Conference, the competitors were challenged to present a summary of their research within a five-minute slot, and Zak was one of three successful researchers to win a prize. Zak's prize-winning talk was entitled 'Issues in earthquake modelling'.

Zak is a third year PhD student at STOR-i, and is supervised by Professor Jon Tawn and Professor Pete Atkinson. His PhD project looks at constructing, fitting and comparing models for earthquake activity. These are inherently challenging tasks, and are further complicated by adding in a sensor network that develops over time, the potential presence of aftershocks and the possibility of dependence between earthquakes. This is particularly true for catalogues of earthquakes caused by human activity, such as gas extraction, where the assumption of a steady-state system is not valid. 

Zak’s PhD project tries to address some of these challenges, motivated by earthquakes occurring in the Netherlands. At the RSS conference, he discussed the open issues in earthquake modelling and presented an extended, easier-to-fit version of the current best-practice model of seismic activity.

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