Dr Luke Rhodes-Leader

Lecturer in Management Science

Research Overview

My research focusses on the area of simulation within Operational Research, particularly in using simulation to make decisions. This can be through simulation optimisation, multi-fidelity modelling or in evaluating simulation-based decisions.

I have worked in applications of simulation to maintenance of assets and airline disruption - both in collaboration with industrial partners. I also undertake methodological simulation research, considering the evaluation of digital twins and input model bias.

My PhD research, with the STOR-i CDT, investigated using simulation to make operational decisions in airline disruption management, aiming to minimise the impact of disruptive events. This research primarily focussed on using multiple modelling approaches to guide simulation optimisation techniques. My supervisors were Stephan Onggo at the University of Southampton, Dave Worthington at Lancaster University, Barry L. Nelson at Northwestern University, and Richard Standing at Rolls Royce.

AKT with Berry Consultants LLP
15/03/2024 → 24/07/2024

Winter Simulation Conference 2023
Participation in conference - Academic

Tracking and Detecting Systematic Errors in Digital Twins
Invited talk

2023 Simulation Workshop
Participation in conference - Academic

2023 Simulation Workshop
Participation in workshop, seminar, course

Simulation and Stochastic Modelling, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

  • Centre for Health Futures
  • Centre for Transport & Logistics (CENTRAL)
  • Simulation and Stochastic Modelling
  • STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training