National Associates Network

The STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training is committed to promoting the exchange of ideas and best research practices across the wider Statistics and Operational Research community. As part of this commitment, STOR-i have created a national associates scheme to provide a network of cooperation amongst PhD students working in Statistics and Operational Research.

Who is eligible to join?

Membership to the network is free and open to all UK based Statistics and Operational Research PhD students who are on CASE projects, or whose PhD is co-funded by an industrial partner. Members of the network will benefit from free travel and accommodation to the Centre for Doctoral Training to take part in network events.

What does the network offer?

Members of the network will have the opportunity to meet fellow STOR students from across the UK, engage with industrial stakeholders and enhance their continuing professional development through bespoke training events. For example:

  • Annual STOR-i conference
  • Industrial problem solving days
  • Masterclass events
  • STOR computer software training days
  • STOR-i workshops

What are the benefits of the scheme?

I joined the STOR-i associates scheme to learn more about other academic interactions with industry, and meet students working on similar topics to me. The scheme has given me the chance to work on interesting problems by attending the problem solving days and the master classes.
Through the STOR-i and UCLID conferences, I have shared my research with a wider group of academics, and learnt more about the work opportunities in industry from recent STOR-i graduates. Overall, the scheme has been a great addition to my PhD studies.

Asbjørn Nilsen Riseth (University of Oxford)

The annual conference provides an accessible window on a wide range of current OR activity and a great forum for networking. The masterclasses I have attended have more than lived up to their billing, providing in-depth insights into specific areas of OR, or teaching skills to a high level. The financial support provided to attend them is also much appreciated. In practice, membership of the STOR-i associates network, has given me access to a range of high-level development opportunities and the chance to network with peers, OR professionals and OR academics. This has helped me considerably in my studies towards a PhD.

Mark Tuson (Cardiff University)

How can I join?

Limited places are available, so if you are interested in joining in the scheme then please email with the following details:

  • Name of your academic institution and industrial collaborator
  • An up-to-date CV
  • A brief description of your PhD project and how this links with your industrial collaborator
  • Letter from supervisor confirming that she/he is happy for you to attend network events

Please note that while accommodation costs and travel expenses are included in the benefits of the scheme, susbsistence costs are not covered.