What happens if you meet the conditions of our offer?

Congratulations! We look forward to welcoming you to Lancaster. Find out what happens next.

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If Lancaster is your Firm Choice

The University will confirm via UCAS that you have a definite place. You do not need to do anything further at this point. Pre-arrival information from your College and the Registry will follow shortly.

If you know that you have met the conditions of your offer, then there is no need to contact the University; you will be able to see that your place has been confirmed on UCAS.

If you are unable to take up the place, then you should either request to be released or withdraw from the UCAS scheme by calling UCAS directly.

If you would prefer to defer your place then please contact us, and we will consider your request.

If Lancaster is your Insurance Choice

First, you will need to check if you have succeeded at your Firm Choice.

If you have been unsuccessful at your Firm Choice but have met the conditions of our offer, you have a definite place here. There is no need to contact the University - you will be able to see that your place has been confirmed on UCAS.

If your UCAS status still shows as conditional

If you have placed Lancaster as your firm or insurance choice, and your offer is still conditional, it is likely that we are still awaiting some or all of your results.

Please check your offer on UCAS, which will tell you the conditions of your offer. In particular, please check the following:

  • Do you need to send us any academic results? For most applicants, academic results will be sent to us directly by UCAS (e.g. A levels, BTECs). In other cases, you will need to send your results to results@lancaster.ac.uk.
  • Do you need to send us any English language results, e.g. IELTS? Please send these to results@lancaster.ac.uk.
  • Have we asked you to send verification of any qualifications that completed in previous years? If we have, this will be stated in your UCAS offer. Please send these to results@lancaster.ac.uk.
  • Are there any qualifications you included on your UCAS application that you are no longer taking? For example, have you dropped any A level subjects, but not yet informed us? If this is the case, it may be that we are delaying making a decision on your application because we incorrectly believe that we are missing some of your results. Please contact us to inform us if you will not be receiving a grade for any of the qualifications you mentioned on your UCAS application.

After your place is confirmed

If your acceptance is confirmed, we'll email you with information about registration and introductory arrangements. What to do once your place is confirmed.