What happens if you meet the conditions of our offer?

Congratulations! We look forward to welcoming you to Lancaster. Find out what happens next.

If Lancaster is your Firm Choice

The University will confirm via UCAS Track that you have a definite place. You do not need to do anything further at this point and pre-arrival information from your College and the Registry will follow shortly.

If you know that you have met the conditions of your offer, then there is no need to contact the University; you will be able to see that your place has been confirmed on UCAS Track.

If you are unable to take up the place then you should withdraw from the UCAS scheme or inform the Undergraduate Admissions Office who will do this for you. If you would prefer to defer your place, then please contact the Admissions Office, ideally before the end of July. If at all possible we will agree to your request but you should note that if you do defer then this is a commitment to coming to Lancaster and you will not be allowed to submit a further application through UCAS for entry in 2020.

If Lancaster is your Insurance Choice

You will first need to check if you have been successful at your Firm Choice.

If you have been unsuccessful at your Firm Choice but have met the conditions of our offer, you have a definite place here. There is no need to contact the University - you will be able to see that your place has been confirmed on UCAS Track.

If your UCAS Track status does not change

If on results day, your offer is still showing as conditional, there may be a few explanations.

The University may still be waiting to receive all your results - find out more on the UCAS website. If you were asked to meet a certain GCSE subject or English qualification it is your responsibility to submit these to the university - they cannot confirm an offer without verifying these results. If you dropped an A level subject that is listed on your UCAS application, it may be that we are still expecting this result. Please make sure that you have told us of any A level subjects or other qualifications that you did not sit.

At Lancaster the email address to submit outstanding results to is results@lancaster.ac.uk.

After your place is confirmed

If your place is confirmed, we'll email you in August or early September with information about registration and introductory arrangements. Your College Office will also send information about your College and details of the accommodation reserved for you (unless you have elected to arrange your own). It is important that you respond to this as soon as possible.

Please ensure that you can deal immediately with the registration material; some of the information must be responded to well before the beginning of term.