Academic and Research Staff

Paul Atkinson
Senior Research Associate from August 2014 until December 2016

Lisa Hampson
Lecturer in Statistics from September 2012 until October 2017

James Hensman
Lecturer in Biostatistics from September 2015 until February 2017

Cornelia Kunz
Lecturer in Statistics from June 2015 until December 2016

Stephan Onggo
Lecturer in the Department of Management Science from January 2009 until September 2017.

Catherine Porter
Research Associate from June 2014 until December 2016

Matthew Rowe
Lecturer in Computing from September 2012 until July 2016

Faisal Taher
Research Associate from November 2013 until June 2016

Jeff Yan
Senior Lecturer from September 2015 until September 2017