Data Science at Lancaster is founded on Lancaster’s historic research strengths in Computer Science, Statistics and Operational Research.   The environment is further enriched by a broad community of data-driven researchers in a variety of other disciplines including the environmental sciences; health and medicine; sociology and the creative arts.


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Foundations research sits at the interface of methods and application: with an aim to develop novel methodology inspired by real-world challenge. 

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The Health theme has a wide scope.  Current areas of strength include spatial and spatiotemporal methods in global public health, design and analysis of clinical trials, epidemic forecasting and demographic modelling, health informatics and genetics.

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Data science promises new approaches to understanding long standing social problems concerning  energy use, city life, climate change, the knowledge economy,  ecologies of media, design and communication in everyday life, or the distribution of wealth in financialised economies.

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The focus of the environment theme is to seek methodological innovations that can transform our understanding and management of the natural environment. 

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