Anniversary Lecturers

Michael Epitropakis

Michael Epitropakis is a Lecturer in Foundations of Data Science at Lancaster University. His research focuses on developing and analyzing novel stochastic search methodologies for solving complex real-life problems, that lie at the interface of Operational Research and Computer Science. These methods are interdisciplinary in character, adopting theory and practical methodologies from various scientific fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistics. His work addresses both continuous (i.e. global) and discrete (i.e. combinatorial) problems. He is currently interested in applications of optimization to software engineering and to transportation. He has published more than 30 journal and conference papers. His research has been funded from both private and governmental funding agencies, including IEEE, Microsoft, European Union (ESF) and the Greek state research council.

Jo Knight

Jo Knight is a Reader within the CHICAS research group in Lancaster Medical School and is theme lead for Health. Dr. Jo Knight undertook her PhD at Queen Mary University of London and two fellowships at Kings College London. She moved to Canada in 2012 to start a Statistical Genetics group at the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. She is involved in the psychiatric genomics consortium and many other international collaborations. She has experience in developing new methods for analyzing genetic data as well as experience in applying known techniques to a large variety of datasets. She has published in journals including Nature and Nature Genetics and has funding from organizations including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR).

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Bran Knowles

Bran Knowles is a Lecturer in Data Science, focusing on trust, privacy and ethical considerations surrounding data and data systems. Her background is multidisciplinary, spanning the psychology, sociology, anthropology, and design, and her PhD is in Digital Innovation. Her research explores different aspects of trust through ethnographic case studies, develops conceptual models of trust that help in understanding a research agenda for developing trusted data systems, and develops practitioner guidelines for creating trusted data systems. She approaches the development of socio-technical systems from a human perspective, applying an understanding of how people come to trust one another in the real world towards understanding how to design systems that people trust.

Amber Leeson

Amber Leeson is an Environmental Scientist and her main research interest is in climate change and the cryosphere (the frozen regions of our planet).  She is particularly motivated to study the response of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets to global warming because of the leverage they posses to affect global sea level should they shrink or grow.  Amber's work uses innovative geophysical modelling methods and novel ways of analysing in-situ and satellite observations to improve our understanding of ice-climate interactions and to make better predictions of future change.

Anastasios Noulas

Anastasios Noulas

Anastasios Noulas is a Lecturer at the new Data Science Institute at Lancaster University, where he leads projects related to location-based technologies, mobile computing and complex social and technological systems. 

Anastasios completed his PhD in 2013 in the Network and Operating Systems group at the Computer Laboratory in the University of Cambridge.  His main research interests include human mobility modelling, social network analysis, location-based services and the sharing economy. During his PhD he has published at top-tier conferences and journals in the fields of data mining, online social systems and user behaviour modelling, combining machine learning and complex systems techniques. Prior to joining Lancaster University, Anastasios was also a Data Scientist at Foursquare Labs in New York and Telefonica Research, Madrid. Over the past years he has collaborated with a number of Start-Ups including retail analytics provider PiinPoint, whereas in 2015 he has teamed up with researchers in Cambridge and Belgium to launch the OpenStreetCab project.