The Health theme has a wide scope, current areas of strength include spatial and spatiotemporal methods in global public health, design and analysis of clinical trials, epidemic forecasting and demographic modelling, health informatics and genetics.

Researchers in this theme partner with a number of external groups including the NHS, Defra as well as Industrial partners. There are also many training initiatives within this theme run both at Lancaster and internationally, for example, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Brazil) and Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome centre (Malawi).


Professor Peter Diggle

Distinguished Professor

+44 (0)1524 593957

Dr Frank Dondelinger

Lecturer in Biostatistics

+44 (0)1524 594759 B006a, B - Floor, Furness College

Rhiannon Edge

Lecturer in Population Health

+44 (0)1524 593576

David Elliott

PhD student

Dr David Ellis

Lecturer in Computational Social Science

Security Lancaster (Academic Centre of Excellence), Security Lancaster (Behavioural Science), Social Processes

+44 (0)1524 593207

+44 (0)1524 592900

Emanuele Giorgi

Lecturer in Biostatistics

Dr Alison Hale

Senior Research Associate

Professor Thomas Jaki

Professor in Statistics

Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics Research Unit, Statistical Methods in Medicine, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

+44 (0)1524 592318 B29, B - Floor, Fylde College

Dr Christopher Jewell

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology

+44 (0)1524 595237

Olatunji Johnson

Casual - Teaching

Dr Ahmed Kheiri

Lecturer in Management Science (Operations Research)

Centre for Transportation Systems & Logistics (CENTRAL), Health Systems, Optimisation, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

+44 (0)1524 593117 A049a, A - Floor, Management School

Professor Joanne Knight

Chair in Applied Data Science

+44 (0)1524 594800

Professor Rob Lamb

Professor (in Practice)

Modelling and Inference, Sustainable Catchments

+44 (0)7866 715761

Professor Peter McClintock

Research Professor, Emeritus Professor

Low Temperature Physics, Nonlinear and Biomedical Physics

+44 (0)1524 593073 C506, C - Floor, Physics Building

Dr Paula Moraga-Serrano

Senior Research Associate in Spatial Statistics / Spatial Epidemiology

+44 (0)1524 510385

Professor Peter Neal

Professor of Statistics

Analysis and Probability, Modelling and Inference, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

+44 (0)1524 593848

Chibuzor Nnanatu

PhD student

Modelling and Inference

Dr Aurora Ortiz-Nunez

Research Fellow

Centre for Health Inequalities Research

+44 (0)1524 594537

Dr Tom Palmer

Lecturer in Statistics

Statistical Methods in Health and Social Science, Statistical Methods in Medicine

+44 (0)1524 594019

Dr Andrea Parisi

Senior Research Associate in Infectious Disease Modelling

Dr Luke Parry

Senior Lecturer

Improving global stewardship, Political Ecology , Understanding a changing planet

+44 (0)1524 510289 A528, A - Floor, LEC 1

Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research

+44 (0)1524 594711

SCC Distributed Systems Group (MetaLab)

+44 (0)1524 510524 C16, C - Floor, Infolab

Dr Paul Rayson

Reader in Natural Language Processing

SCC Data Science Group, Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Academic Centre of Excellence), UCREL - University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language

+44 (0)1524 510357 B50, B - Floor, Infolab

Dr Jonathan Read

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics

+44 (0)1524 594837

Barry Rowlingson

Research Fellow

+44 (0)1524 592273

Professor Pete Sawyer

Casual - Researcher

Energy Lancaster, Work and Health Forum

C57, C - Floor, Infolab

Dr Daniela Schlueter

Senior Research Associate in Biostatistics: longitudinal data analysis

Dr Luigi Sedda

Lecturer in Spatial Epidemiology

+44 (0)1524 595110

+44 (0)1524 510315

Nonlinear and Biomedical Physics

+44 (0)1524 592784 C507, C - Floor, Physics Building

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare , Centre for Technological Futures , Health Systems, Information Systems, Technology, Systems and Organisation

+44 (0)1524 594364 A042, A - Floor, Management School

Dr Benjamin Taylor PGCAP

Lecturer in Biostatistics

+44 (0)1524 593499

Professor James Taylor

Professor of Control Engineering

Doctorate Centre in Nuclear Engineering, Energy Lancaster, Nuclear

+44 (0)1524 594076 C16, C - Floor, Engineering Building

Helena Tendedez

Assistant Dean

+44 (0)1524 65201

Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves

Senior Lecturer

ImaginationLancaster, Work and Health Forum

+44 (0)1524 510794

Centre for Financial Econometrics, Asset Markets and Macroeconomic Policy, Centre for Productivity & Efficiency, Economics Research Group, Labour, Education and Health Economics, Macroeconomics and Financial Markets

+44 (0)1524 592668

Dr Wlodek Tych

Senior Lecturer, Principal, Furness College

Energy Lancaster, Improving global stewardship, Sustainable Catchments, Understanding a changing planet, Water Science

+44 (0)1524 593973 A514a, A - Floor, LEC 1 & 2

Dr Mick Urbaniak

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)1524 593104

Dr Fang Wan

Lecturer in Statistics

Statistical Methods in Medicine

+44 (0)1524 593243

Professor Jon Whittle

Visiting Professor

Work and Health Forum

C32, C - Floor, Infolab

Atmosphere, Climate and Pollution, Improving global stewardship, Understanding a changing planet

+44 (0)1524 594871 B508, B - Floor, LEC 1 & 2

Centre for Technological Futures , Health Systems, Information Systems, Simulation and Stochastic Modelling, Technology, Systems and Organisation

+44 (0)1524 592214 B052a, B - Floor, Management School

Dr David Worthington

Senior Lecturer

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare , Health Systems, Simulation and Stochastic Modelling, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

+44 (0)1524 593872 A074, A - Floor, Management School

Dr Eugenio Zucchelli

Senior Lecturer

Centre for Health Inequalities Research

+44 (0)1524 594985