Taught Masters Courses

Face to face and distance learning programmes.

Within the Faculty of Health and Medicine we offer postgraduate programmes in a range of subjects delivered via face to face seminars, lectures and lab sessions or through distance learning.

MSc in Biomedicine

This programme provides the opportunity for students to acquire a greater understanding of practical and theoretical biomedical science. We place particular emphasis on the molecules and mechanisms fundamental to life processes and how these are disrupted by disease.

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MSc in Clinical Research

The MSc in Clinical Research has been designed, in consultation with NHS Partners, to meet the needs of practitioners and staff working in the NHS to ensure its relevance and value to NHS health professionals. The programme builds on the introduction to clinical research in the Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Research, developing and undertaking applied clinical research within an NHS organisational context.

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MSc in Innovation and Improvement Science

This trans-disciplinary programme enables you to explore how to make better use of research and innovation to improve ways in which health care is organised and delivered for patient benefit.

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MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Leadership

This innovative and multidisciplinary MSc programme, designed for students wanting to combine research skills and project management with an understanding of the commercial exploitation of research, offers advanced knowledge of the biomedical technologies essential for the discovery and validation of the next generation of medicines, diagnostics and devices. 

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MSc in Medical Education

This programme for those directly teaching undergraduate student doctors or supervising specialist trainees has been developed to meet the GMC's strategy that all those involved in the development and education of doctors should be competent in the principles of medical education.

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MSc in Medical Leadership

The Medical Leadership programme is interactive, participatory and work based, enabling you to improve patient experience and service delivery, demonstrate caring, compassionate and authentic leadership and develop your own leadership capacity in order to achieve and evidence medical and organisational impact. This course can benefit doctors at every stage of their career, developing your knowledge, understanding and skills in line with the Medical Leadership Competency Framework.

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MA in Professional Practice

Work based learners have diverse backgrounds and different needs and aspirations so we provide a flexible, innovative framework which allows you to negotiate a highly personalised programme.

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