What Will You Study

The MSc in Clinical Research has been designed, in consultation with NHS Partners, to meet the needs of practitioners and staff working in the NHS to ensure its relevance and value to NHS health professionals. The programme builds on the introduction to clinical research in the Postgraduate Certificate, developing and undertaking applied clinical research within an NHS organisational context. The programme:

  • Addresses the complete cycle of clinical research, from identifying research questions, and designing and managing research studies, through to translating research findings into professional practice.
  • Enables health professionals to lead the development, delivery and translation of clinical research, supporting the processes of discovery and innovation at an organisational level.
  • Draws upon the breadth of interdisciplinary research skills and internationally-recognised research expertise housed within the Faculty of Health and Medicine, complemented by specialist knowledge and practical experience from NHS Partner organisations and research networks. 

Successful completion of the programme will enable professionals to:

  • Lead research projects, innovations and new developments in order to advance local and national evidence-based clinical research practice.
  • Contribute to organisational development of NHS infrastructural research capability.
  • Contribute to the translation of research knowledge and skills to inform and develop the quality of evidence-based professional practice.

The programme is delivered through blended learning with nine face-to-face contact days over the first year and the remainder undertaken through distance learning. The scheme is modular, with a tiered-exit design providing Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma awards as appropriate for participants who do not complete all modules for the MSc.

During the MSc you will gain key research knowledge and skills, transferred into practical topics applied within your own professional environment, culminating in a 12 month research project, designed, delivered and submitted as a dissertation.  This will prepare you for original work in your professional career and advanced level clinical research positions with the NHS, government, industry and healthcare organisations.

The overall programme comprises eight modules as follows:

  • Essential Tools for Clinical Research
  • Governance and Management of Clinical Research
  • Literature Review
  • Principles of Evidence-Based Practice
  • Analysing Qualitative Data
  • Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Practice-based dissertation
  • Applying for Research Funding (to be confirmed)