Living Costs

Living costs in Lancaster compare very favourably to those in other urban areas. Lancaster students can revel in the knowledge that they are not only studying in one of the safest self-contained campuses in the UK, but also have some of the country's most unspoilt spots around the historic and vibrant City of Lancaster.

Living costs

Expenditure on accommodation, household costs, social and incidental expenses varies according to your lifestyle and personal circumstances. We suggest that you plan your budget once you have identified your preferred accommodation options, as housing costs are likely to be the biggest expenditure.

Please note that for students requiring a visa to study in the UK, the UK Border Agency prescribes a minimum value of funding which you must be able to access in order to cover your fees and living expenses.

How much will you need?

The amount you will need to support yourself each year depends on your circumstances. This budget is designed to show estimated costs you can expect whilst living and studying at Lancaster as a postgraduate student. Please note that the example budget does not include tuition fees.

Students undertaking Postgraduate Research Programmes should budget towards the upper end of these estimated costs to cover research-related field trips, visits to off-campus libraries and attendance at conferences.

For international students, it is important to also note that the costs detailed in the example budget do not include travel to and from your home country. You will need to budget for any trips home above these listed living costs.