Dr James Fraser


Research Overview


James' research is on social and environmental dimensions of smallholder natural resource management in the humid tropics of Latin America and Africa.

He focuses on two themes in particular; i) local agro-ecological knowledge, and ii) social and environmental justice issues.

These are investigated with theory and methods from a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, geography and development studies.


James contributes to several undergraduate and postgraduate modules and is convener for:

LEC 322 Environment, Society and Politics in Amazonia (taught with Luke Parry & Jos Barlow)

LEC 331 Food and Agriculture in the 21st Century (taught with Rebecca Whittle & Katerina Psarikidou)


James is Part I Director of Studies for Geography

He is the LEC Interdisciplinary 'Tsar' and on the Interdisciplinary PhD Panel

Office Hours:

Monday 2-4pm

Room B538 in LEC1

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