Dr Jennie Gilbert

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

Jennie is an Earth scientist and volcanologist with a love of fieldwork.

She has 25 years of research experience in volcanic processes and field volcanology. She has worked at active volcanoes in Japan, Chile and Iceland. Her expertise is in the physical and chemical properties of volcanic ash, the transport of volcanic particulates in the atmosphere, and the interactions between volcanoes and ice.

Published research

Jennie is a co-author of the only research text on volcanic plumes and has published approximately 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals in addition to book chapters, maps and memoirs. She carried out the first field measurements of electrostatic charge on ash falling from volcanic plumes at Sakurajima in Japan and pioneered measurements of electric fields associated with volcanic plumes. She has published in three main areas: (1) the transport of volcanic ash in the atmosphere, (2) the role of volcanic facies as indicators of climate change, and (3) the processes that take place during subglacial eruptions.

She has received funding for her work from:

  • the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
  • the Royal Society
  • the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI)
  • the European Community
  • the Leverhulme Trust
  • the British Council
  • the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

Current research

Jennie is a member of the Lancaster Environment Centre Earth Sciences Research Group. Her work focusses on:

  • mechanisms of volcanic ash aggregation and dispersal in the atmosphere
  • the use of volcanic facies in determining past climates
  • the physics of subglacial eruptions

Her current PhD students work on a range of topics related to the physics and chemistry of volcanic processes on Earth and Mars, volcanic ash and aviation safety, and societal aspects of volcanic eruptions.


Jennie is a member of the

  • Geological Society of London
  • American Geophysical Union
  • International Glaciological Society
  • Royal School of Mines Association

Teaching and teaching development

Jennie has 20 years of university teaching experience, including several years of leading curriculum development as the department’s Associate Director for Undergraduate Delivery and as a Director of Studies. She has been a panel member of two Lancaster University Periodic Quality Reviews, and has examined PhD and MSc theses at many UK universities.

Jennie is passionate about teaching Earth processes and geologic field skills out-of-doors as well as bringing the geologic world into the classroom. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students and is the module convenor for:

  • LEC.103 Environmental Processes and Systems – a flagship first year module that introduces the Earth as a system comprising air, water, land and life
  • LEC.172 Geology – a foundation first year module that emphasises the dynamic way that the Earth works and the processes that generate our crucial natural Earth resources
  • LEC.274 Geologic Mapping – a residential second year field module to Mull, Scotland, UK

She also contributes teaching to:

  • LEC.277 Geoscience in Practice – a practical-based second year module that focuses on lab and field geologic skills
  • LEC.478 Physical Volcanology – a specialist fourth year module for the MSci Hons Earth and Environmental Science and MSc Volcanology and Geological Hazards students based on an understanding of the properties and behaviour of volcanic materials gained through laboratory, theoretical and field study

She supervises 5-10 undergraduate plus postgraduate dissertation students per year and is an academic tutor to 15-20 students.

Professional roles

Jennie is a member of the

  • IAVCEI Awards Committee
  • Lancaster University Student Appeal and Complaints Panel
  • Lancaster Environment Centre Earth Sciences PhD Review Panel

Outside interests

Jennie loves running and walking in remote terrain – particularly where the geology is spectacular!

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