Dr Jessica Davies

Senior Research Associate

Research Interests

Jessica Davies currently works as a senior research associate with Prof. John Quinton and Prof.Ed Tipping (Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, Lancaster) on the Long-Term Large-Scale project (LTLS), which is a NERC Macronutrient Cycles Programme consortium project. The aim of LTLS is to account for observable terrestrial and aquatic pools, concentrations and fluxes of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus (CNP) in the UK using broad-brush integrated modelling analysis. Within the project she is responsible for the semi-natural terrestrial modelling and erosion modelling.

Jessica originally joined Lancaster Environment Centre in 2010 as a research associate working with Professor Keith Beven on a NERC funded project titled, 'A grid-free, hysteretic, and scale dependent approach to modelling hillslope hydrology'. This project involved the development of a novel predictive hydrological model using the Multiple Interacting Pathways (MIPs) concept, which simulates both transport and flow simultaneously, whilst accounting for preferential flows, using particle tracking methods. This model was applied to experimental data at the plot and catchment scale and was found to be a useful tool for testing process understanding.

Prior to this, Jessica was awarded her PhD at Loughborough University Control Systems Group for her contribution to the High Redundancy Actuator Project, which investigates a novel approach to fault tolerant actuation for safety critical systems. As such, her interests also include: control system theory and design; state estimation; multi-agent systems; and model order reduction.

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