Malika Mezeli

PhD student

Inter- and intra-species intercropping of barley cultivars and legume species, as affected by soil phosphorus availability
Darch, T., Giles, C.D., Blackwell, M.S.A., George, T.S., Brown, L.K., Blackburn, D., Shand, C.A., Stutter, M.I., Lumsdon, D.G., Mezeli, M., Wendler, R., Zhang, H., Wearing, C.L., Cooper, P., Haygarth, P.M. 06/2018 In: Plant and Soil. 427, 1-2, p. 125-138. 14 p.
Journal article

Linking the depletion of rhizosphere phosphorus to the heterologous expression of a fungal phytase in Nicotiana tabacum as revealed by enzyme-labile P and solution 31P NMR spectroscopy
Giles, C.D., George, T.S., Brown, L.K., Mezeli, M., Shand, C.A., Richardson, A.E., Mackay, R., Wendler, R., Darch, T., Menezes-Blackburn, D., Cooper, P., Stutter, M.I., Lumsdon, D.G., Blackwell, M.S., Wearing, C., Zhang, H., Haygarth, P.M. 06/2017 In: Rhizosphere. 3, 1, p. 82-91. 10 p.
Journal article

Response-based selection of barley cultivars and legume species for complementarity: root morphology and exudation in relation to nutrient source
Giles, C.D., Brown, L.K., Adu, M.O., Mezeli, M.M., Sandral, G.A., Simpson, R.J., Wendler, R., Shand, C.A., Menezes-Blackburn, D., Darch, T., Stutter, M.I., Lumsdon, D.G., Zhang, H., Blackwell, M.S., Wearing, C., Cooper, P., Haygarth, P.M., George, T.S. 02/2017 In: Plant Science. 255, p. 12-28. 17 p.
Journal article