Professor Nick Graham


Research Overview

Nick is a Royal Society University Research Fellow and a Chair in Marine Ecology. He tackles large-scale ecological and social-ecological coral reef issues under the overarching themes of climate change, human use and resilience. He has assessed the impacts of climate induced coral bleaching on coral reef fish assemblages, fisheries and ecosystem stability. He has studied the patterns and processes by which degraded coral reefs recover, and how this can be influenced by management. He has worked extensively on the ecological ramifications of fishing and closed area management. Increasingly he works with social scientists linking social-ecological systems for natural resource assessment and management.

Ecological limitations to the resilience of coral reefs
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Journal article

Social drivers forewarn of marine regime shifts
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Journal article

Climate-driven coral reorganisation influences aggressive behaviour in juvenile coral-reef fishes
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Ecological indicators for coral reef fisheries management
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Journal article

Remote coral reefs can sustain high growth potential and may match future sea-level trends
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Journal article

Habitat Selectivity and Reliance on Live Corals for Indo-Pacific Hawkfishes (Family: Cirrhitidae)
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Journal article

Recovery potential of the world's coral reef fishes
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Journal article

Predicting climate-driven regime shifts versus rebound potential in coral reefs
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Habitat Complexity: Coral Structural Loss Leads to Fisheries Declines
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Coral reefs as novel ecosystems: embracing new futures
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Journal article

Discontinuities, cross-scale patterns, and the organization of ecosystems
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Synergies and tradeoffs in how managers, scientists, and fishers value coral reef ecosystem services
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Journal article

The importance of structural complexity in coral reef ecosystems
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A functional approach reveals community responses to disturbances
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Spillover of fish naivete from marine reserves
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Comanagement of coral reef social-ecological systems
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