Paul Whaley

PhD student

Research Overview

"Science is supposed to be cumulative, but scientists only rarely cumulate evidence scientifically" - Chalmers, Hedges & Cooper.

Inconsistency and dischord in chemicals policy show there is an urgent need for a new approach to evidence-based decision-making in chemical risk assessment.

My research is in the adaptation for chemical risk assessment of Systematic Review techniques used in medical research for the appraisal of complex and dispersed bodies of evidence.

This is a highly novel approach with potential not only to initiate a step-change in regulatory procedures at the international level, but also to establish the preconditions for a new, informed civic participation in the regulation of chemical products.

Implementing systematic review techniques in chemical risk assessment: challenges, opportunities and recommendations
Whaley, P., Halsall, C.J., Ă…gerstrand, M., Aiassa, E., Benford, D., Bilotta, G.S., Coggon, D., Collins, C., Dempsey, C., Duarte-Davidson, R., Fitzgerald, R., Galay-Burgos, M., Gee, D., Hoffmann, S., Lam, J., Lasserson, T.J., Levy, L., Lipworth, S., Mackenzie Ross, S., Martin, O., Meads, C., Meyer-Baron, M., Miller, J., Pease, C., Rooney, A., Sapiets, A., Stewart, G., Taylor, D. 11/12/2015 In: Environment International. 9 p.
Journal article