30 July 2013

Congratulations to LEC’s graduating students: 79% achieved a first class or upper second class degree – a 6% rise on last year – and the number of first class degrees rose by 4%.

This year’s improvement in degree results is part of a long running trend for Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) students. In the past four years results have improved each year, with 14% more students now getting 'good' degrees – a First or 2.1 – than in 2009.

LEC Biology students did particularly well, with 85% getting 'good' degrees, with Geography students not far behind at 83%.

Less than 2% of the 160 LEC students received a third class degree, and no students failed.

Better students, better results

This, in part, reflects a steady rise in the academic achievements of those applying to study at LEC, as well as the hard work of our graduating students and the enthusiasm of their lecturers.

The prospects for current students look promising, with first and second year students getting very good end-of-year results.

"We anticipate an increase in upper second and first class degrees next year as well," said Dr Jennie Gilbert, LEC Associate Director of Undergraduate Administration and Delivery. "The good news is that every year LEC is attracting brighter, better qualified and more motivated students."