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  • A year in the land of ice and fire

    Earth and Environmental Science student Dan Manns loved the chilled out people, and the easy access to volcanoes and glaciers, during a year spent studying abroad in Iceland

  • Minibeasts, lava flows and Minecraft at the Lancashire Science Festival

    Dr Laura Hobbs and her colleagues, from Lancaster University’s Science Hunters outreach project, spent three days helping 400 children explore the science of tiny invertebrates and erupting volcanoes using the computer game Minecraft.

  • The land of fire and ice - an Iceland field course

    Final year Geography student Josh Fryer learns about the ways in which fire and ice have changed the landscape of Iceland on a field course to southern Iceland.

  • Discovering the age of the Nile

    At nearly 7000 kms long, the Nile is the longest river in the world, but when did it first start to flow? Dr Yani Najman explains how she and her colleagues found the answer.

  • 2050 Travel Week - what’s the future of sustainable travel?

    How big is the sustainability challenge that lies ahead for travel, and what does this mean for the way we live and work? Our sustainability team at the Lancaster Environment Centre tried out to find out.

  • Building a mountain with tiny grains… of wheat

    Plant physiologist Ivan Jauregui recently had his view of wheat radically changed by a research visit to the Physiology Group of CIMMYT in Mexico, where they are working to improve the productivity of this staple crop.

  • How does topography grow?

    Geologist Dr Yani Najman explains how she travelled with researcher Dr Gwladys Govin to the remote kingdom of Bhutan to solve a Himalayan mystery - how the Shillong Plateau was formed

  • What do researchers want from academic journals?

    Dr Mike Whitfield, Development Coordinator at New Phytologist, invited a group of Lancaster University plant scientists to give their views of what makes a journal work for researchers

  • What is the future of sustainable diets?

    This was the complex question posed to experts on food production at a recent N8 conference: Dr Shane Rothwell, a Knowledge Exchange Fellow at Lancaster University, reflects on what was learnt

  • An environmental detox - taking part in ‘No Impact week’

    Researcher Dr Rachel Marshall, from the Lancaster Environment Centre’s new Sustainability Group, explains how the group members took on the challenge of living a low impact lifestyle during ‘No Impact Week’ this autumn.