Portrait photograph of: Vaidy  Srinivasen

Vaidy Srinivasen

Country Of Origin: India

Degree: Executive MBA , 2015

Inventor Process Manager , SAS International

With over 20 years’ experience in the field of design, manufacturing, production, Lean and JIT, I personally felt something was lacking in terms of my academic capabilities which wouldn’t allow me to move up my career ladder. Plus, the interest in getting an MBA from one of the top tier management schools was always burning within me.

In current corporate scenarios, a proven business model shows businesses grow faster by acquisition. Comparing this to my personal career, acquiring an MBA would augment my career and reconnoitre the world from a different perspective. My criteria for doing an MBA was: a school which is world ranked, triple accredited and, most significantly, within budget. Lancaster is one of such exceptional management schools which falls well within these three classifications. So it was a no-brainer for me to pick Lancaster for my Executive MBA.

Throughout the past couple of years (almost); doing an MBA from Lancaster renovated me as an individual into a totally different person. Modules like Mindful Manager, leadership and finances for managers have given me a tremendous standpoint of the current world of management and more importantly my private life. For instance, Mindful Manager taught me how to deal with issues; whether it is family or work life, handling situations is much easier than ever before. The benefits were evident for the last couple of years.

Management accounts and corporate finance was something I always felt that I was lacking. Lancaster has certainly bridged the gap for me and I feel more confident than before in heading a company or department, allowing me to talk more confidently in situations like board meetings, shareholders meeting etc.

I definitely feel that all the modules are carefully designed for future management aspirants and for sure, the multi-cultural environment has unquestionably profited other professionals in our cohort. Activities like group work, the consultancy challenge, and the business development challenge practically taught us how to handle pressure, work with peers, negotiate issues and present to the client to the maximum highest standard. And I have to admit that all the professors have a huge wealth of knowledge and drove me as an individual to think differently in my everyday work.

On the other hand, it is important to get the family support and my family supported me very well during this tenure: doing an MBA from a top university like Lancaster is never meant to be a cake walk. Lots of personal sacrifice is necessary and greater hard work is required since working professionals like us need to manage work, family and study. However, "Time is Money" and this is very well worth both the time and money.

The fact is, an MBA from Lancaster is invaluable, and I always tell myself that "once you have it, no one can take it away from you." It’s a life-changing phenomena and the two years of hard work is going to sail through with you throughout the rest of your life!