Portrait photograph of: Carys Clark

Carys Clark

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

Degree: Executive MBA , 2015

Business Development Manager , Senvion

Before starting my Lancaster MBA I was a Business Development Manager for a Wind Turbine Manufacturer. I sold wind turbines for wind farms to utilities and large developers in the UK and in some European countries.

A few career mentors of mine had completed MBAs and highly recommended doing one. I thought an MBA would be a great opportunity to make myself stand out, progress my career and also a chance to challenge and change my thinking. Also, I was quite task-focused and hoped the MBA would make me think more strategically.

Despite living in Edinburgh I'm from the North West originally and I knew of the excellent reputation that the University had. The Management School enjoys high rankings and I think that makes a big difference to the value of your MBA.

What I enjoyed most about the Lancaster MBA was working with like-minded people. Whilst everybody has different reasons for signing up for an MBA we are all driven and looking for self-improvement. I had a fantastic study group and have made friends for life on the MBA. Working with and learning from these amazing and challenging people is definitely the highlight of the course for me.

Before you embark on a Lancaster MBA you must ensure you consider the large workload and whether you are able to juggle it along with work and family commitments. I'm glad I have got my husband and my employers are on board (I sold it to them) - it would have been much harder otherwise! You really need to think about how you'll plan university work, day job, family life and your time into your week but, like anything, if you really what to do it you will create the time for it!

The teaching on the course is excellent and it opened my eyes to a lot of subjects that were not in my undergraduate degree. In terms of soft skills I feel a lot more confident at work, I think about things differently now. The way I work in teams and give and receive feedback is completely different.

Now that I have completed my MBA I need to consider my next step,  but as yet I haven't decided! I was recently promoted when I joined and still have room to grow in my current role. Either way the MBA will help me progress in my current company or elsewhere. It's also given me some confidence to start my own business which is also an option for me.