Portrait photograph of: Franziska Nowak

Franziska Nowak

Country Of Origin: Germany

Degree: MSc Management, 2015

Consultant, Kampmann, Berg & Partner

Before studying for the Management MSc programme, I studied Media Management and Journalism (BA) in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. I chose the MSc in Management because it offered the chance to study strategy and to deepen my overall management skills as well. Another reason was because of the very good reputation and ranking of LUMS Old.

I am now a Consultant at Kampmann, Berg & Partner, a strategy consultancy based in Hamburg, Germany. The consultancy focuses primarily on the Financial Services Industry. At the moment I'm working on a project for a large bank in Germany. Of course, whilst on the Master's programme at LUMS I preferred some modules to others. However, I believe that the overall quality of teaching was very high, and I took something away with me from every course. I especially liked the various case studies we did, as they provided me with applied knowledge which I have carried forward, and now helps me in my job.

At Lancaster I joined the Lancaster University Symphonic Orchestra and the Choir during my first term. Also, I enjoyed the Lancaster Sports Centre facilities. Apart from going to the gym and attending fitness classes, the tennis, squash and badminton courts were brilliant for enjoying sports together with friends at any time. In my opinion this is very important to postgraduates who don't have a timetabled free afternoon for the purpose of engaging with societies like the undergrauates do. I also used my time in Lancaster to get to know the country. Lancaster is very close to the Lake District and the Peak District (where I went hiking and sailing a couple of times), and it is not far from Scotland either.

I loved my year in Lancaster! Academically, not only did I gain the skills I now need in my job but I was also inspired to study for a PhD, which I aim to complete in the future and for which my Master’s has prepared me. Additionally, Lancaster is a great place to meet lovely people from around the world, and to have a good time apart from just studying.

The very good reputation and ranking of LUMS certainly helped me to apply successfully for my job. In order to obtain a position in a very good company it is, in my experience, mandatory to have graduated from a highly ranked university. The knowledge and skills I gained on the MSc in Management programme are applicable to many situations in my job, and have given me a firm base from which to grow in my role as a consultant.