Portrait photograph of: Luyao Chen

Luyao Chen

Country Of Origin: China

Degree: MSc Management, 2015

Technology Analyst, Accenture

I chose to study MSc Management as I am determined to work in the field of consulting. I believed that the mini consulting projects in the programme would benefit me a lot. I really enjoyed the MSc Managament programme. I was able to work as a project manager to ensure the project delivery was on time whilst also working with my team members to deliver the outputs. I believe the consulting projects also enriched my overall experience within consulting.

Whilst at Lancaster, I was involved in a company-based consulting project. My client was a British company running genomics exhibitions, who wanted to evaluate the feasibility to enter the market of China. When my team received the task, we were faced with the problem of determining the scope. The company was involved both in genomics and exhibitions, but the client requested that only the genomics market should be considered. My members said that we could follow what the client said. However, I challenged myself to research whether a market would be complete when only genomics was considered. My market research needed to identify the market and also needed to analyse the environment. On one hand, the market referred to the industry of genomics. If the genomics industry developed well, the service our client provided would be welcomed. On the other hand, the company was in the exhibition industry. The competitiveness of this industry influenced the development of company. Therefore, we carried out two different market analyses for genomics and the exhibition market after convincing my members. This decision increased our workload. I believed that I learnt to think independently during this task. I met many people from different backgrounds during the group work at Lancaster. We all respected each other and solved problems as we aimed for the same goal.

I attended the career fairs for Chinese students. This provided me with the chance to meet many different companies and to learn more about the ones I was interested in. I also searched for one-to-one advice for my resumes, which helped me polish the resume.

I am currently a Technology Analyst at Accenture. I am working in the area of business and technology integration. I think that teamwork and the general approach I learnt for consulting helps me the most in my work. I am responsible for proposing an initial plan for projects and ways of cooperating with my colleagues, in which we find ways of mapping out the bigger picture.