Portrait photograph of: Sarada Narayanan

Sarada Narayanan

Country Of Origin: India

Degree: MSc Management, 2016

While working for a Digital Marketing company, post my Bachelors in Engineering, I realised the need to do a Masters degree. I was in search of a course which would give me the perspective on management as I felt that would create a balance with my prior education.

I chose LUMS because of various factors such as: a) reputation of the School b) rank of the MSc Management course - a triple accreditation c) reputation of the teaching faculty d) International diversity in the cohort. Most importantly, I chose LUMS for the experience that I would have in addition to getting the best academically.

The dissertation was the best part of the MSc Management programme. I had to write a huge piece of original work in a period of 10 weeks. The dissertation was a whole new experience as I had not done that before. I also had the opportunity to work on a unique concept. It was unique, as there is not much of prior research that has been done on my topic.

We had group activities for every course work. Though one year is too short a time to know everyone personally, having group works gave us the experience of working with a diverse cohort. To me, having worked in different groups contributed to a better learning experience.

In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of university life was the presence of various clubs and societies. We were spoilt for choices as there were so many options to choose from. However, we could not enrol in every club or society as we had a limited period in Lancaster. In addition to clubs and societies, the possibility of travelling on day trips or the weekender trips made the year even more memorable.

Before we finished for Easter break, we had to complete a company based consulting project. My team of 4 and I, were assigned an organisation within the campus. We were asked to provide solutions to help them position uniquely among their peers. The whole project involved understanding their requirements, plan our tasks based on their requirement, allocate the tasks amongst us and deliver the finished project on time. From this consultancy project, I learnt how to work with people of different working styles. It thus, helped me cement my understanding of project management as well.

My one year at Lancaster was one of the best from the recent past. It gave me the opportunity to meet many people and challenge myself all through the year. I got the opportunity to travel to various places within the UK and understand different cultures. There were tough times, but it was always worth the effort. Just to mention, I had no prior experience in rowing. However, I participated in the annual Dragon boat race and our team won the third place! I did not know I could row and last that long in the race! If it weren’t for Lancaster I would not have taken part in the race. Lancaster offers a myriad of options but it depends on what one chooses to do at Lancaster.

I was offered a scholarship by the Management School based on my application. To be honest, it did not have a great impact financially. I was enthusiastic about the acknowledgement that I received in the form of scholarship. This motivated me to push myself as much and gain all that I could possibly imagine at that time spent at Lancaster.

I was in constant touch with Martine Cooksley, who was the specific person we could contact for any support services related to career. The sessions with her helped me understand what an employer could possibly expect from my application and how I could customise my preparations based on the employer and industry.

I will be pursuing my Masters in Education soon. Experiences at Lancaster helped me sort out my thought processes on what I want the most and how I could contribute to the society. I believe the education system in India has to be changed to suit the needs of the growing economy. India perhaps produces the best of minds in the world, but I feel that alone will not be sufficient. Post my Masters in Education, I intend to work for a few years to gain practical skills. I intend to start my own school, sometime in the near future, which would help the students in understanding their strengths and weaknesses. My Masters in Management from Lancaster along with skills that I had developed will help me in this.