Dr Allan Discua Cruz


Current Research

Portfolio entrepreneurship, family business groups, opportunity stages, entrepreneurial teams, families in business.

Entrepreneurship in family businesses
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Beales Hotels: embracing change while minding their own business for over 200 years
De Massis, A., Discua Cruz, A., Jackson, J., Kotlar, J., Mazzelli, A. 2014 In: The Global STEP Booklet Volume II. Babson College Centre for Entrepreneurship p. 81-86. 6 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Christian family businesses: opportunities for further research
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Journal article

Habitual and portfolio entrepreneurship and the family in business
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Intrafamily entrepreneurship: the formation and membership of family entrepreneurial teams
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Journal article

How does an old firm learn new tricks? a material account of entrepreneurial opportunity
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Journal article

Understanding entrepreneurial cultures in family businesses: a study of family entrepreneurial teams in Honduras
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Journal article

Collective Perspectives in Portfolio Entrepreneurship: A Study of Family Business Groups in Honduras.
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Journal article

Family entrepreneurial teams: a vehicle for portfolio entrepreneurship
Discua Cruz, A., Howorth, C. 2010 Lancaster University : Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
Working paper

Portfolio entrepreneurship as a solution to the succession crisis: a case study of women's successors in Honduras
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Materiality and felicitous opportunity: a new perspective on entrepreneutial opportunity
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Conference contribution

Opportunity evaluation in business families: the case of Honduran business groups
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Conference contribution

The potential influence of international exposure on engineering education in a Latin American country
Discua Cruz, A., Tejada Calvo, D. 2009 In: Latin American and Caribbean Journal of Engineering Education. 3, 1, p. 1-8. 8 p.
Journal article

Families in business: portfolio entrepreneurship in Honduras
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Conference contribution

Family business in Honduras: applicability of agency and stewardship theories
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Portfolio entrepreneurship in family business groups
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Conference contribution

Interstanding the industrial district: contrasting conceptual images as a road to insight
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Journal article

Rethinking succession
Discua Cruz, A. 2007 In: Family Business Research Seminar Series: Bridging Cultures: Confronting Theory and Practice in Family Business (Lancaster) - 2007. N/A : unknown
Conference contribution

Different perspectives on family business: exploring Honduras
Howorth, C.A., Discua Cruz, A. 2006 In: EIASM 2nd Workshop of Family Firms Management Research (Nice) - 2006. N/A : unknown
Conference contribution