Dr James Cronin


Research Interests

My principal research interests are in the sociological aspects of consumer behaviour, health and wellbeing. I am also interested in issues related to day to day encounters with the marketplace such as grocery shopping. Much of my research focuses on how social structures and interactions between people shape their consumption experiences and objectives. I am allied closely to contexts of the food industry and food environments so my work has typically drawn upon food and alcohol for analysis.

At the individual level, my research narrows in on the meanings people derive and interpret from ingestible consumption objects based on their lifetyle circumstances or structural classifications. At the level of the community, my research focuses on the social symbolic or linking value of various products, services and experiences. At the broadest level, my research addresses socially concerning issues such as obesogenic environments, market issues of social, environmental or ecological well-being or societally visible deviant practices through an interpretive lens. In order to explore these theoretical areas, I have used a wide variety of qualitative research methods.

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