Zeina Monther Khasawneh

Country of origin: Jordan

Senior Financial Products Officer, Tamweelcam

Before starting her MBA, Zeina had worked for five years as a senior officer in the marketing department of the telecommunications company wi-tribe, part of Qtel Telecommunications in Qatar. In 2010, keen to boost her business and managerial experience, she joined the Lancaster Executive MBA.

Interviewed partway through her programme, she explains how it is benefiting her.

‘The MBA will help me advance my career and take steps towards becoming a good manager – to help me know how to handle a team, and how to improve the quality of the work I’m submitting to my directors,' she says.

‘Lancaster University is a very well-known university all over the world, and studying part-time, without leaving my work, my family and my friends is an opportunity for all of us.’ 

Although she was committed to further study, the prospect of taking a year out of the business did not appeal because of the impact that would have on her knowledge of what was going on within it, and there was the added deterrent of having to re-enter a very tough job market.

Combining work and study – though challenging – is already meeting one of her initial goals: to understand the her own local business environment better. It’s also helping to shape her sense of where she might work in future, in a more international capacity:

‘It has opened my eyes to a lot of things. To how the business works. Every module I take, I can link to the real business environment. The combination of knowledge and experience, from the staff and the students, has helped me a lot in the way I think about the business, about myself, about the world – and how I should live.

‘One of the best things about the programme is the teamwork, and knowing people from different backgrounds. Working with engineers I’ve learnt a lot, because the way they studied and the way they think is different from people working in the business sector.’

Shortly after completing her MBA, Zeina joined the Jordanian micro-credit company, Tamweelcam.