Executive MBA scholarships

The students we attract to the Lancaster EMBA are those who aspire to senior strategic leadership positions. To help applicants towards meeting that ambition, we are offering two types of scholarships.

LUMS Community Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all not-for-profit organisations serving the Lancaster and District area, and is designed to create an opportunity for organisations in our local community to access our cutting-edge knowledge and upskill their leadership team. We are offering three scholarship awards, each worth 75% of the standard programme fees. Organisations will be eligible for one scholarship award only, and you will need to be available to join the next programme starting in October 2017.

To apply, you will need to write an essay on the following topic, with a maximum of 1500 words, and submit it as part of your application on the applications portal, as well as emailing it to mba@lancaster.ac.uk.

How will you use your learnings from the Executive MBA programme to benefit your organisation and the local community more broadly?

Entries will be judged by faculty from the Executive MBA and the judge’s decision will be final. The deadline for submissions is the 15th August 2017, and winners will be informed by the 31st August 2017

The Lancaster EMBA Open Scholarship

To gain an Open Scholarship you will need to demonstrate the skills, experience, and knowledge you will bring into EMBA class discussions. You should also outline whether you have a specific need for financial aid to help with the costs of the Lancaster EMBA. Open scholarships range from £1,000 - £3,000. To apply, you will need to design and upload a three-slide PowerPoint presentation prior to your interview. This will form the basis of your interview discussion with the Programme Director.

The presentation should cover three points:

What you will bring to the EMBA classroom that sets you apart from other applicantswhy you need financial aidhow the Lancaster MBA will build on your strengths and add to your skills and knowledge in order to help you achieve your ambitionsThe Dr Andy Bailey Scholarship Competition

Lancaster Executive MBA: Dr Andy Bailey Scholarship 2017

Dr Andy Bailey was a Director of the Executive MBA and a tutor on our Strategic Management module, one of the world’s best strategy modules according to the Financial Times Global MBA rankings - This scholarship was created in memory of Andy.

You can only apply for this scholarship if you have already made an application for a place on the Executive MBA, you can apply for this scholarship if you have already received an open scholarship.

There are three scholarship awards to win: one top prize of £10,000, and two second prizes of £5,000 each.  Entries will be judged by faculty from the Lancaster MBA - The judge’s decision will be final.

The scholarship competition involves you writing an essay about a strategic issue facing your organisation, please write an essay of no more than 1,500 words answering the following question:

What are the key strategic uncertainties, threats and opportunities facing the organisation you work for in light of the UK’s decision to leave the EU? What do you plan to do about these?


What are the key strategic uncertainties, threats and opportunities currently facing your organisation? What do you plan to do about these?

In your answer you should use at least one recognised strategic analysis tool to help deepen your understanding (e.g. SWOT, PESTLE etc)

Completed essays should be submitted to mba@lancaster.ac.uk by 12 noon on Monday 3rd July 2017. Winners will be informed by Thursday 20th July 2017.

Alumni Loyalty Scholarship

In addition to our MBA programme scholarships, graduates of Lancaster University are eligible for an additional Alumni Loyalty Scholarship of up to 20% of the programme fees. Usually 10% for undergraduates who graduated with a 2:1, and 20% for those who graduated with a 1st, and 10% for those who graduated with a Masters degree.