Why the Lancaster Executive MBA?

When you embark on a part-time MBA, it’s never an easy ride. You expect and want it to be challenging and to test your abilities in all directions. That is certainly true at Lancaster – unsurprising from a management school that has achieved top rankings in the UK for teaching and research for more than a decade.

Those qualities are reflected in the staff you’ll meet on the programme – and in the real currency and rigour of the ideas you’ll be introduced to.

What makes the Lancaster EMBA truly distinctive, however, are its concept of learning through action which shapes the entire programme design, and its focus on both personal development and organisational development.

Shaping you for more senior leadership roles

The Executive MBA modules will extend your knowledge of business functions, processes and strategies – opening up new avenues and perhaps new career directions. They will expose you to many new ideas and concepts, always with an eye to practical applications. And our innovative modules will challenge you to re-examine your own practice and your personal management style, enhancing your strategic thinking skills and your capacity to reflect critically on what works, and why.

Testing learning in new contexts

The various 'learning through action' projects and assignments allow you to take and apply your new knowledge in new areas – both in-house and in client companies via the Consultancy Challenge. These projects are ideal for fine-tuning your consultancy skills and your teamwork, honing your research skills, and perhaps revealing unforeseen areas of competence.

Improving company performance with fresh insights

As an experienced manager, you’ll doubtless already be grappling with various organisational and business challenges in your professional working life.

Looking at these anew, and exploring how management theories and tools can help you and your organisation resolve them, is a central part of what the programme aims to help you do – through practical work-based assignments which you tailor to the needs of your job. And it's why the programme develops – and benefits – not only participants but their organisations, too.

Accessing other minds, experiences and professional expertise

Alongside the many tools, concepts and academic resources you’ll be accessing another equally vital resource: the experience and fresh perspectives of your fellow students, faculty member and tutors. The debate and discussion, both in the classroom and in subsequent online debate, provide a powerful test-bed for ideas and potentially also a valuable source of professional advice.

Modular format – balancing organisational and personal life

Short but intensive modules away from the workplace can give that ‘breathing space’ which is so hard to achieve under day-to-day pressures, and free you up to engage with complex ideas and problems.

To discover how some of our Executive MBA graduates have used the programme to shape their own careers and the growth of their organisations, read our graduate profiles.