Abishek Chand

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Owner of ADC Ltd

Prior to doing my MBA at Lancaster, I worked in the logistics sector. I worked for a leading supply chain management company, first in project management roles and then as a Business Development Manager within the International division of the business.

In choosing Lancaster I was guided at first by the league tables where Lancaster University Management School has an excellent ranking. I was also looking for an MBA programme which would be highly practical, and would enable me to practise the skills I learnt. The Lancaster MBA was ideal, as it contains several action-based learning projects: the New Venture Challenge, the Consultancy Challenge, and the summer project and dissertation.

Another key reason for my choice was my visit day, where I was warmly greeted by the MBA staff, and had an opportunity to look around the University facilities. I was able to get a real perception of the programme and the University as a whole.

The learning I gained from the three consultancy projects was a key highlight for me: the projects allowed me to apply my learning from the core modules and put them into practice with real-life clients. For my summer project, for example, I worked with one of the world’s leading supply chain management companies, CEVA Logistics. This was an excellent learning experience, combining my learning and skills from the MBA with a tangible project which had real strategic value to the client’s business.

The client wanted me to develop a new strategy for a niche segment of their market, and through extensive research and analysis, I was able to deliver a highly innovative strategy that both leveraged the strengths of the business and provided a potential foothold in a new, highly attractive market.

Charting own development

The Mindful Manager module was another area which I found to be invaluable for my own personal development. This module required us to keep a reflective log on our experiences and key management issues. I found this to very useful in putting my thoughts on to paper in a way which allowed me to be completely expressive and to see my development throughout the year.

It was a very busy year. Outside of class, we found out more about each other and our different cultures through many social evenings and organised events. All these activities, working in syndicate teams and in countless different teams, helped enrich the whole MBA experience at Lancaster.

To Italy, on exchange

Straight after handing in my final dissertation, I headed out for Milan, to attend a three and a half month exchange programme at the University of Bocconi, one of several international exchange programmes which Lancaster MBA students can take part in. It proved to be an invaluable experience, giving me the opportunity to meet fellow MBAs from other universities around Europe and enabling me to take further specialist modules, including management consultancy, supply chain management and sales management. I have since returned to the logistics sector, and now work for the Widdowson Group.

I found the MBA as a whole to be a real challenge, particularly in terms of managing my own time and priorities, group meetings, and balancing my work alongside my own personal life. However, with the support of my colleagues, friends and, importantly, the MBA office, I am able to look back at the whole year – a life-changing experience – with a great deal of satisfaction and many great memories.

Abishek has since moved on to work in property development and investment as owner of ADC Ltd.