Ado Ali Birnin-Kudu

Country of origin: Nigeria

Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria

My decision to undertake a postgraduate programme was very critical and challenging. The decision was based on the desire and quest to seek relevant knowledge and skills especially in the present global dynamic environment. What is more apt and suitable than ITMOC?

I studied Business Administration in my undergraduate degree and became a career public servant with the Federal Government of Nigeria, now for over a decade. Due to the impact and challenges of globalisation on the public-sector service delivery especially in African countries, the need for higher education particularly in the field of ICT cannot be over-emphasised.

ITMOC is a programme anchored on the tripod of organisation, management and technology. The pursuit of organisational excellence cannot successfully be realised without balancing the interplay of technology, people and organisation. Thus, the content of ITMOC is there to provide a platform for critical thinking and approaches in solving the ever-changing challenges and expectations confronting organisations in today’s global setting.

Another fascinating aspect of the ITMOC programme is the universal outlook it projects. The diverse cultural and ethnic nationalities that form the core of the participants made the learning environment exciting and challenging, particularly in the areas of group work and presentations. Although the academic work load is demanding, the positive interaction and engagement among the teachers, support staff and the students made the learning environment conducive and friendly.

After ITMOC, I returned to my former employers (the Corporate Affairs Commission) in Nigeria to continue with my career as a public servant, though now better equipped to meet the challenges and expectations of my career and other personal activities. Presently I am Senior Manager in charge of procurement. Today, I am proud to say that, as a result of my ITMOC experience and insight, since returning to work I have been able to introduce new methods and approaches that have positively improved our service delivery.

The depth and breadth of the content of the ITMOC curriculum and the engaging nature and approach of the lecturers has enhanced and sharpened my perception and conception of events within the dynamics of life. Thus, the one year spent in Lancaster was a fulfilled one both academically and socially.

To this end, I wish to express my appreciation to the entire ITMOC office and the high calibre of lecturers that brought ITMOC to this level of excellence.