Adrian Tedeschi

Country of origin: Canada

Project Manager, SAJO Inc

The move to Lancaster was a big step. Having come from a construction background, I had already solidified a job as a project manager within my domain. Furthermore, I had an existing business in Canada that was operational with help from a single partner. Together, I was already extremely busy yet quite satisfied with my personal progression. Putting all this on hold required something really special. Enter: Lancaster.

When I first considered pursuing a Master’s degree, it was to advance my knowledge in construction project management. After visiting Lancaster University and learning of their MSc in Project Management, I realised that this Master’s degree did not need to be limited simply to construction – it could be carried over into the other domains I was involved in as well. Other MSc degrees did not offer the same flexibility that Lancaster could, and this became the defining reason in my choice to come to LUMS.

Looking back at my decision, I can confidently say that it was the right choice. The teaching staff were top class, the classes were well presented and very relevant, and my overall learning was tremendous. I was immediately able to carry over this learning into my work life.

The final project gave me the opportunity to work alongside a top development manager for Apple Inc. and assist in building the first prototype Apple store located in Manchester’s Arndale Shopping Centre (as pictured to left). The knowledge I accumulated during this project would not have been possible had Lancaster not provided the platform from which to learn.

Currently, I have returned to my domain in construction project management, working for SAJO Inc. We are working on building Apple stores (coincidence?) across Canada and the US, among many other high profile clients in the retail industry. I owe LUMS a great deal in assisting my own development and providing me with the frameworks from which I can structure my professional career.