Alero Abbey

Country of origin: United Kingdom

People Management Business Operational Lead, London Underground

Managerial theory and its application was Alero's main focus in order to improve her work performance – managing a demanding business unit within the London Underground network.

I chose the Lancaster Executive MBA (EMBA) programme because I wanted to explore the relevance of managerial theory and its application into my work experience. I needed to see my learning impact directly on what I do, and EMBA offered me the ability to translate what learnt in the classroom back into my work.

I am currently responsible for one of the most demanding and dynamic business units within the London Underground network, and I am now able to utilise the knowledge gained to enhance my own and my unit’s performance as well as to develop my critical and reflective thinking skills.

The programme brought me out of my comfort zone and really challenged me. The ability to balance my work/life and study was perhaps the most challenging aspect of my study experience, especially as my newly gained skills created opportunities for more stretching assignments within my organisation.

I have focused particularly on how to transfer theory to the organisational situations I encountered in order to improve the way I deal with issues and to initiate practical solutions at work. This has meant I have been seeking out opportunities through which to apply theory to practice in order to benefit my organisation and enhance my own learning. Being able to see the managerial experience and management style of others within the class was also really valuable. It gave me fresh perspectives on my own organisation.

Doing the programme has made me realise I'm on the right path – it's given me a buzz and the sense that there's no limit to where I can get to.