Alexander Andreev

Country of origin: Russia

Performance Improvement Consultant, EY

A year prior to my studies at Lancaster, I had already had an internship at one of the' Big '3 management consultancy firms and studied MSc Project Management at my home university, when I found out about the double degree option with Lancaster University.

During the first year of my Master’s degree at home, I had been taught a lot about management in theory, while at work I essentially needed the specifics of practical experience to actually manage the projects I was responsible for. After thorough research into MSc Project Management courses’ contents, I decided that at Lancaster I would find the missing combination of theory and practice.

The Lancaster Project Management MSc facilitated learning by delivering true-to-life action-based cases, which demanded both critical thinking and people skills. However, the most crucial aspect for me was an abundance of opportunities the programme offered. While doing applied projects in groups, students got to choose a project depending on common interests, area of expertise and people they would like to learn from. Some of the programme’s modules were combined with other specialties, which gave me invaluable insights into marketing, statistics and engineering. All of the above created the perfect background for building a strong professional character by means of concentrating, first and foremost, on personal challenges.

Apart from academic strengths, the programme also gave me many additional benefits of student life: day-trips around the UK, cultural diversity and social life. During the year, I bonded with people from around the world and learned to embrace new mentalities. I also had the chance to concentrate on sports and went as far as representing my country in Lancaster University swimming competitions.

I have always wanted to bring about a positive change in the way an enterprise operates, and the learning I received from practising project managers at Lancaster combined, with people skills, enabled me to secure a job at EY upon my return to Russia. At the moment, I work on performance improvement, cost-cutting and lean transformation projects across the world’s biggest mining companies.