Alexis Wiazmitinoff

Country of origin: France

Strategy & Operations Consultant, Deloitte (Luxembourg)

I started the MSc ITMOC course at Lancaster University after having worked one year in the City of London as a recruitment consultant, specialising in placing IT professionals in the banking sector.

I chose to study in Lancaster because of its high ranking in the university league tables and the specific nature of the ITMOC course. As a former Bachelor in International Management, I wanted to get more insight and theoretical knowledge on the role, power and place of IT in businesses today.

I thoroughly enjoyed the eclecticism of the ITMOC course's profiles and curriculum. You can start this course having had experience as an IT engineer as well as in Management: both eductions are different, but complementary. This is the reason for ITMOC students' uniqueness in developing problem solving skills in addition of making their profiles even more attractive on the market.

I had the opportunity to write my Masters thesis in cooperation with the European Commission researching e-government projects. In this process I learnt to apply several ITMOC courses (e.g. knowledge management, project management, IT and strategy, social aspects of the digital age, interpretation of IT and organisations) and see their real added value. A great experience to have during your masters’ studies.

After my graduation in 2010 and a six-month job hunt, I now have a permanent contract at Deloitte in Luxembourg. I work within the strategy and operations department, taking part in multi-disciplinary consulting projects within the European banking industry. Among other tasks, I take part in optimising transaction processes as well as defining new IT strategies for leading banking institutions. I could not have started at Deloitte without the experience, knowledge and thirst for learning developed during my time at Lancaster.

The MSc ITMOC programme enabled me to develop a unique way of understanding the impact of IT on organisations, people and their work. This rewarded me with the confidence that I have the right approach, techniques as well as the skills to take on any challenge and develop my career the way I intended.