Lijin (Alice) Wang

Country of origin: China

Financial Accountant, China Huaneng

Before studying for the MSc Management at Lancaster, I studied at the University of Liverpool where I obtained an upper second class BA honours degree in Accounting and Finance. I wanted to combine my Accounting and Finance undergraduate degree with a broader understanding of business. The MSc Management contains different modules in business, like marketing, economics, business analysis, etc which allowed me to develop different skills. I found that I could build a systematic business knowledge frame after completing the programme.

The modules are interrelated, providing a holistic way of solving problems in business. The whole programme is designed well and it offers opportunities for students to do consulting projects gaining experience in reality. All of the opportunities provided within the programme helped me with improving my communication skills, team management, project management; and all of the lecturers are nice and professional – I really, really respect them. I liked the Operations Management module the best. This was a new subject for me and I supplemented the lectures with my own study – I read a lot of books and journals. I found this module interesting and it developed my self-study skills. We also did group work on this module and I worked with a German girl who I am still in contact with now.

I am soon to start work in a Top 500 Chinese company called China Huaneng as a Financial Accountant. This builds on my undergraduate degree, but would also not have been possible without a postgraduate qualification, like the MSc Management. Most Chinese students choose to continue on to do a Masters degree because the competition for employment in China is fierce! The MSc Management means you can obtain a Masters degree in just one year, whereas a Masters degree in China is three years. I also chose the MSc Management at LUMS in particular because of the academic environment, reputation, financial times ranking and its popularity in China.

I really appreciated studying in Lancaster. It was a tough year, but I am very grateful for this year. The programme is intense, but when you succeed, it gives you great happiness. I was grateful to have classmates, friends and lecturers to support me.

The MSc Management helped me in my job interview. I used my business framework knowledge to enter the Assessment Centre. I performed well thanks to the logical thinking skills I had developed – they helped me stand out from the crowd. And the reputation of Lancaster University in China is also really helpful in looking for a job. I also got job offers from PWC Consulting, Accenture and Societe Generale.