Amanda Superti

Country of origin: Brazil

Senior Marketing Analyst, Kley Hertz

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing in Brazil, I worked for five years in the industry, both in advertising agencies and in marketing departments.

Aiming to improve my marketing skills, I decided to apply for a master’s degree in the UK.

Among all the master’s courses that I considered at that time, the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management proved to be the best choice. The LUMS reputation, the programme content, and the teaching quality are just some of the aspects that make this course truly unique.

I experienced an intense one-year of study, working with colleagues from different nationalities. Since I really enjoy learning about other cultures and languages, I could not have asked for a better place to study. There is also a good balance between academic and real-work tasks, and I had the opportunity to develop my skills in projects for leading companies, such as Microsoft. The knowledge that I gained during the classes has successfully changed my career path in marketing.   

After my graduation, I joined the Datamonitor (Informa Inc.) group in the UK, as an Associate Researcher. I was part of a dynamic and multicultural team, being responsible for tracking and analysing innovative fast-moving consumer goods in emerging markets. At the moment, I work as a Senior Marketing Analyst at Kley Hertz, a fast-growing pharmaceutical company in Brazil. In this position, I manage some of the most important brands of the company’s portfolio, creating sales and communication strategies.

I remember my time at Lancaster University with great joy. For all the future students, let me give you some advice: study hard, and enjoy it to the fullest – it will be an unforgettable year.