Amit Gupta

Country of origin: India

Director of Business Development, WebVizion UK

Hailing from Jaipur in Northern India, I started my journey with a Bachelor’s Degree in IT from India and then in order to take my passion to the next level, whilst having inclination towards management, I opted to study the MSc ITMOC programme in 2006 at Lancaster University.

Soon after graduating, I moved to London to look for career opportunities. After having worked in different sectors, such as consultancy, business development and project management, I gathered vast experience from different fields over a period of 6 years. I decided to start an IT business and that's where WebVizion came into existence in 2013.

After making WebVizion a success story, I have recently been working on an online platform called which is an ads and directory website.

I owe a lot to Lancaster University for the exposure, experiences and knowledge it has provided to help me build my own business. I owe a special thanks to my faculty and tutors who were always eager to help and provide their time. The MSc ITMOC course really helped me to advance my knowledge and skills in IT, knowledge management, project management, analysis, consultancy and innovation. The course has a practical approach and gives you a realistic insight into the industry. I got my first full time job as a consultant as soon as I finished the course. I would like to express my utmost gratitude for everything Lancaster has taught me, making me the person I am today.