Anastasia Elisenkova

Country of origin: Russia

Senior Credit Risk Manager, Alfa Bank

I always felt a profound interest in the fields of finance and investments. After graduation from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, I joined the Corporate Finance Department of the banking subsidiary of Societé Generale in Russia. However, starting cooperating with the foreign counterparts I realised I had big gaps in my international experience and professional theoretical knowledge. There were so many things I just did not know! The fastest way to fill the gap was to continue studies at Masters level in a strong, world-recognised graduate school.

As I was sponsored by the British Council, the choice of university was within the UK. Among all the business schools I looked at, I preferred Lancaster University Management School because of its ratings and positive student feedback.

Firstly, the School is in the UK's top four and is the first for research. Secondly, the co-operation with the CFA Institute and ACCA accreditation are also significant factors. Finally, the facilities provided, such as the library, sport centre and accommodation opportunities, are way better then in any other school.

So I entered... The year in Lancaster was very challenging, highly time- and energy-consuming, sometimes even exhausting, but definitely worth it!

I cannot describe all the advantages, knowledge and experience I obtained while studying at Lancaster. I have learnt not only theory and become very confident in my profession, but  I have also acquired the financial intuition and the ability to study and to do research effectively by myself.

Today I work as a senior credit risk manager at Alfa Bank. I now enjoy my confidence as a young professional as well as the good prospects I have.