Angelos Georgopoulos

Country of origin: Greece

BSc Primary Education, University of Patras

Looking for a Master’s degree in Human Resources was not easy. Universities in Bath, Manchester and Lancaster were on the top of my list, but LUMS finally stood out not only because of its reputation as a top business school in the UK, but also because of its unique campus and study abroad opportunities.

It was a really stressful period, but worth it! The Master’s programme in Human Resource and Knowledge Management was a truly amazing experience, not only from an academic point of view, but also – and most importantly – from a general personal development perspective. On the one hand, there was a holistic approach to subjects, Professors were always helpful and attentive, and essays and exams demanded the best of you. Not to forget the LUMS Career service committed to helping you plan your career. On the other hand, the experience of studying, living and cooperating within a multicultural environment, with people from all around the world, really opened my eyes and broadened my horizons to myself and to the “world of the 21st century”.

The opportunity to go to another university (with choices all over the world) was mind-blowing and worked as a motivational boost for me, as the competition to enter the programme was harsh. Fortunately, I was accepted and September 2013 found me in Bilbao, Spain. Deusto University is a prestigious University, and the European and International Business Management programme that I took helped broaden my knowledge and improve my Spanish (since classes are in Spanish!). What I found really unique was living with Erasmus students from all around Europe. This was the first time in my life that I could participate in so many interesting activities with so many people from all around the continent.

All in all, I am deeply happy I chose Lancaster. The truth is I do not know if it is better than other universities, since I have not been in them. But, honestly, the whole year in Lancaster and Spain was something I will never forget. I was so satisfied by everything provided and I have nearly no complaints overall. Since graduating from Lancaster, I have decided to do further study at the University of Patras in Greece, doing a BSc in Primary Education.