Anne Katzer

Country of origin: Germany

Research Manager, YouGov

You could say that I went to Lancaster on a whim. In my last year at high school I decided to study Economics or Management in the UK, but found the different business school choices highly confusing. One day I started talking to a lovely English couple on a train and I asked them whether they could recommend any good UK business universities – and they told me LUMS was great.

So, based on that recommendation, I applied – and have never regretted this decision.

I found the BSc International Business (Economics) to be a true eye opener. The vast range of different Economics subjects has provided me with the ability to understand why economies move the way they do and how statesmen try to manage the path of their economy. I was particularly impressed with International and Development Economics as well as Human Resource Economics, which were not only taught by charismatic and inspirational lecturers (Robert Read and Geraint Johnes were absolutely brilliant!) but have given me the necessary perspective to comprehend the world around me better.

The University also offers a vast amount of clubs and societies, catering for any hobbies or interests one could have from outdoor pursuits, theatre, real ale, to martial arts (if you start with the Karate at LUKC in year 1 you are almost a black belt by the end of year 3!), international societies and many more – providing almost unlimited choice for social engagement and personal development.

After the great time I had studying at Lancaster for my BSc, deciding to stay at LUMS for the Management MSc was the easiest decision I ever made – I was full of confidence that the teaching would be equally good if not better and would provide me with the skills I needed to stand out to potential employers at a time when most university leavers ended up unemployed.

The MSc Management fully met my high expectations. The modules were interesting and challenging, helping me develop skills that are vital to succeed at work. Particularly great were Nick Carline and Steve Bradley (by applying economic theories to economic circumstances). At the time his economic teaching never failed to keep us interested.

Aside from great academics, the social bonding within the course was exceptional. With most of the students being international and far away from home, including myself, the student body provided almost family-like support, with loyalty amongst us towards each other and the course. It was impossible to feel isolated and we were all in it together, supporting each other, forming great friendships which I hope will last for a lifetime.

I would also like to mention the usually unsung heroes of the course – the course administration who always gave their time and advice whenever it was needed and whose tireless support and engagement has ensured the year was unforgettable.

Perhaps the biggest credit to the MSc Management is that after years of personal apathy as well as indecision on my part as to which industry to go into, I finally found one that I am really interested in. Adam Hindle’s Research Methods course as well as the project-based Dissertation module ignited my interest in statistics and quantitative versus qualitative research methods and has paved my successful entry into the market research industry.

I am now Research Manager at YouGov and am working on exciting brand perception trackers, providing insight for the branding strategies of major brands throughout the UK.

Thank you, LUMS.