Anne-Lise Johnsen

Country of origin: Norway

Marketing Executive, Arsenal Football Club

The MSc in Advanced Marketing Management assisted me in creating a path in marketing and helping me determine which area within marketing I wanted to specialise in.

After doing my BSc in Marketing in Spain and Norway I decided to do a one-year Masters in England due to the recognition of the UK universities and the work opportunities available after the Masters degree. Lancaster University appealed to me as it offered an advanced course that covered several aspects of marketing in depth.

I was quite unsure which area I wanted to specialise in so the structure and curriculum appealed to me. In addition, the combination of team projects and independent essays was interesting as I believed that would develop my personal skills, and it certainly did! Working with different nationalities proved to be very challenging but also fun!

One of the strengths of the course is its challenging research module. It took us through both quantitative and qualitative research which helped me extensively during the dissertation, and also in my two jobs after leaving university. In addition the Masters is developed so you have every tool to develop an analytical mindset – a true asset when working in the marketing world.

The fact that I was allowed to choose my dissertation subject helped me determine which path I wanted to explore and what kind of research I would conduct. Over the summer of 2010 I examined how football clubs use marketing communications to target the female audience. With my very dedicated dissertation supervisor, David MacGregor, I worked with eight football clubs across several divisions in England and Norway. The thesis helped me in developing my critical eye when collecting data. I was able to immerse myself in digital marketing which has helped me extensively when working.

After graduating I landed a job at Milkround, a News International-owned company, as a marketing assistant. I was able to use the skills and knowledge I learned at Lancaster, especially the knowledge of marketing communications. After a year and half there, I moved on to sports marketing.

I currently work with the youth and corporate audiences at Arsenal Football Club in London. My role is both digital and print which is a great challenge. The AMM certainly did help me to develop my career path in marketing, not only in skills and knowledge but also in building relationships, which I have learned is crucial in the marketing world.

I am very happy I decided to do the MSc AMM course as it certainly has helped to where I am today and I made some life-long friends in the process. I thoroughly recommend it.

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