Anum Zafarullah

Country of origin: Pakistan

HR Coordinator, Airblue (Pakistan)

My decision to study at LUMS was mainly due to its high international academic ranking and recognition, as the standing of a business institution was a factor of the utmost importance to me. Also, the faculty at LUMS, especially of Department of Organisation, Work and Technology, were very knowledgeable and qualified in their respective areas.

The Masters programme at LUMS was well rounded and the rare combination of HR and Knowledge Management was a great chance to explore my academic progression. University life at Lancaster was exceptional, with phenomenal on-campus facilities, and opportunities to interact and stay in touch with other students through clubs, sports and societies made one’s life a happening one.

The programme as a whole was interesting and enjoyable. Initially I was a bit concerned about whether I would be able to cope up with the new educational system, but the sheer encouragement and the ‘open door’ policy of the faculty made the journey an easy one.

All modules were well structured. I thoroughly enjoyed the class discussions, and the fact that lectures were a two-way communication, between the professors and students, made the programme much more fun and comprehensible. The exams were never a burden, since the idea of taking them was to share one’s views/ideas through the knowledge gained during the lectures.

I was involved in various activities on campus throughout the year. The socials were great opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life and provided a platform to make new friends. Also, as a campus tour guide, I enjoyed exploring the University grounds with prospective students.

The overall experience at Lancaster was extraordinary. Apart from the academic modules, which polished my analytical and professional skills, the whole experience was rewarding.

The serene surroundings and beautiful lush green fields were a rare sight for someone who had lived all their life in a very busy and crowded city. The lovely walks on the spine are terribly missed and late-night study sessions with friends, during the dissertation period, in the common room and learning zone are still fresh in my mind. The campus provides a full experience, from the state-of-the-art sport centre to delicious food options to satisfy one's appetite. I will always cherish the time spent at Lancaster and am glad I selected Lancaster.

LUMS Career services have been extremely useful and played an ample role in career counselling. From providing useful tips of a professional CV to career path guidance, the Careers Support team has done a superb job.

Currently I am working in the HR Department of Airblue Ltd, which is the second largest airline in Pakistan. The Masters programme at Lancaster has equipped me with the ability to assess various situations analytically and critically. The dissertation time was a great learning experience for me; it gave the required perspective and exposure to work-related issues and concerns to prepare me for professional life.